Pet Ashes Keepsakes


Pet ashes keepsakes are a lovely way to remember a beloved pet. It's a bittersweet and emotional time, and having something to cherish can help the grieving family. You can use the ashes to create personalized keepsakes, or you can simply bury them in a special place.

You can also check out this company that uses pet ashes to create beautiful jewelry and other keepsakes. These keepsakes can be a keepsake for yourself or to share with your loved ones. Many companies have developed unique ways to incorporate your pet's ashes into keepsakes. For example, you can create a pendant or a necklace from your pet's ashes.

Alternatively, you can create a glass globe in your pet's memory. These handcrafted memorials are made of glass and have a beautiful iridescence finish. You can personalize them with your pet's name or a meaningful message. If you want to keep them private, you can place a seal on them.

Another option for memorializing your pet is to create a diamond ring with its ashes. These urns can be made of metal or glass and are suitable for inside or outside. You can place them in your pet's favorite spot and have a lasting memory of them. These keepsakes are also made to be worn as necklaces, bracelets, or rings.

Pet ashes keepsakes can be used as tributes for children or family members. These urns come in a variety of designs. Some of the designs are abstract, which can make them soothing to children who have lost a pet. Some designs even include a piece of fur or the pet's gravesite. They can also hold crushed flowers.

Another option is to scatter the ashes in a special place. If you live near a beach or other body of water, your pet may have been fond of it, and spreading the ashes there can be a very moving tribute. If your pet was fond of the sea, you can choose to scatter them in a small trench in the sand at low tide. You can then have a brief ceremony commemorating their life. Follow this link for many keepssake items you can choose from to commemorate your furry friend.

You can also keep a small amount of the ashes for another purpose. If you don't want to bury the entire ashes, you can have your pet's ashes used to paint a portrait. Usually, these portraits are black and white reproductions of photos of your pet. Afterward, you can hang the portrait with a special coating.

Another option for burying your pet's ashes is jewelry. There are many types of jewelry that incorporate pet cremation ash. Some pieces are made into pendants and are adorned with the pet's name. Some also incorporate the pet's date of birth and coordinates of where they were buried.

If you have a small amount of ashes, you can purchase a small urn or memento box to hold your pet's ashes. These are designed to hold about three cubic inches of ashes. They measure about 2.9 inches wide and 2.7 inches tall. The Raku pottery used in these keepsakes is vibrant and beautiful, and the golden paw print symbolizes the imprint of your pet on you. Find out more details in relation to this topic here:





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